The Venya
Lovable, when you wish for something, learn for something from above.

A Journey that goes

Beyond its destinations

The Venya caters to the neverending human desire for transformation.. We bring to you, a symphony of unmatched experiences, inspiring architecture and refreshing cultures, built on the foundation of social responsibility and future forward technology.

Who are we?

Part Art. Part Heart.

Our Estates boldly craft tomorrow’s luxury that enchants and inspires a new reality. With creativity at its core, we strive to be the most influential luxury group that is known to curate the best of global designs amidst the untouched beauty of its natural surroundings.

Food For Thought

Fit for every gourmand’s itinerary our food philosophy consists of locally sourced ingredients transformed into signature global dishes through unique techniques and innovative presentations.

Mind & Matter

Our experiences are designed to inspire both your heart and mind. From food & nightlife experiences to historical adventures, market visits as well as an array of adventure sports, each experience has been crafted by our team to stimulate your senses.

The Venya Estates


Enchanting and Enliven

Choose from our vast expanse of villas that promises to bring you closer to your loved ones, turning every moment into a memory to be cherished for generations to come.


High Rises for High Rollers

While the urban jungle might be your playground, take a moment to admire it while floating above it all. For watching the chaos from a distance might just be the clarity you have been craving.


Sublime Solitude

Ride-on-over into one of our ranches to experience the unfiltered beauty of rustic architecture and the sweet summer breeze. For these are some of the best of unexplored locations worth living in.

Beach Houses

Where the sky meets the sea

Dive into an oasis of luxury, with your own private beach house where the waves play a symphony and the palms sway to its rhythm.

Grand Mansions

Grace meets Grandeur

Not all good things come in small packages. Our grand mansions are the pinnacle of luxury, perfect to make every moment feel like an occasion you and your loved ones deserve.

The Venya Estates

The Venya Experience