The Venya, under the ownership of Equity Address Pvt. Ltd., is an Indian real estate and hospitality conglomerate based out of India. With its current headquarters in New Delhi, it aims to build and manage luxury residential homes that go beyond one's imagination and provide the finest hospitality by curating boutique hotels within India and across the world.
With Technology at its core, The Venya is a brand that aims to deliver a promise of sustainable fine living - an amalgamation of environmental friendly design and services and luxury intimate experiences.

We hand-select properties based on their fit with the overall Venya portfolio - unique, luxurious, attractive, secure, comfortable, and well-located. 100s of additional data points to shortlist any venya home.

It depends. Some properties we rent ourselves for their character, location, and charm. Other properties are the owners' secondary home that is typically vacant most of the year. Either way, we always make sure that the location meets our checklist of brand compliance and comfort before we open its doors to travellers.

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