Why We're Here

The Venya, caters to a desire in all of us to be truly transformed. A symphony of experiences, architecture & cultures that harmoniously blend social responsibility and destination driven living.

A novel idea that began when four friends got together to uncover hidden gems across their favourite holiday destinations in India. From untouched waterfalls and hidden quarries in Goa, to less travelled nature trails in Uttarakhand, they discovered a world unexplored within their homeland. What began as an adventure slowly transformed into a business idea with one core purpose – to share the best of hospitality and travel experiences with people across the globe.

Gradually, they discovered and tapped into an unexplored portfolio of estates across India and around the world that brought their unique identity to the forefront. The idea grew to provide great travel expertise, bespoke concierge services and sustainable living that makes each experience truly unique and locally inspired.

Keeping personalisation at the core of each offering, our team strives to deliver authenticity in every aspect. From a gastronomic experience that beautifully blends locally sourced produce with global flavors to revolutionizing the luxury wellness sector by taking a holistic approach to the mind, body and soul enrichment, we are nurturing homes that become a destination on their own.


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